A seminar for c. Gavar, Tsakhkashen village school SPARE-students

A seminar for c. Gavar, Tsakhkashen village school SPARE-students

Tsakhkashen village school is the one that SPARE-Armenia chose to insulate the school’s windows and pass rehabilitation works. The window insulation according to modern energy efficient technologies will ensure the students better learning conditions and 6-8° raise in temperature. The improved conditions will also contribute to reduction of the likelihood of disease.

A seminar was also held on the frames of windows insulation and school rehabilitation on August 03 designed for the SPARE-students of one of the most active member schools of the SPARE-project - Tsakhkashen village school. SPARE-students of 2014-2015 educational year took part in the seminar who expressed their willingness to share their knowledge and experience to the students of 2015-2016 educational year during the seminar.

Students watched "When children are saving" and "The Getar River Back to the City" educational video-movies about energy saving and nature protection, which were the winner projects of SPARE-competitions republican stage, and watched special environmental cartoon, which was presenting the vital perspectives of energy saving and efficient use of resources. Moreover, they remembered the simple advices of energy saving which they need to apply every day.

  After the learning process the intellectual environmental game was conducted for the participating students in order to stress the importance of practical - logical application of the theoretical knowledge.

  The educational seminar had inspiring role for the students. The consciousness that they are the owners of their country, it was highlighted that every big change starts from their small steps. In the end of the seminar students promised to continue to be barers the rules of nature protection and be solid in their every initiative.

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