Nearly 500 SPARE-pupils from Armenia will take part in

Nearly 500 SPARE-pupils from Armenia will take part in "Earth Hour" global environmental campaign

54 SPARE-schools from  Armenia will take part in the "Earth Hour" global environmental  campaign. 

On this occasion, nearly 500 SPARE-pupils have made paintings and handicrafts from waste and non-degradable materials aiming to unite the people round the idea of environmental protection and reasonable use of natural resources. 

Aintab school No. 2 pupil Mane Grigoryan has made a wild goat out of a cardboard, plastic bottles, cotton and different paints. She told  that making the animal’s head pursued one goal: to draw people’s attention to the animals which are on the verge of extinction.

The pupils’ works will be included in the “Green Planet” competition of paintings and waste-made handicrafts held by NGO Eco-club “Tapan”  and WWF Armenia office.

“The competition aims to inform pupils about the Earth Hour global campaign. They should pay attention to the environmental issues and not damage the nature,”- noted the project coordinator of the NGO Eco-club "Tapan" -  Shamam Gevorgyan.

In her words, around 500 SPARE-pupils from Armenia’s 6 marzes are taking part in the“Green Planet”competition.  

In order to watch the press conference of the "Earth Hour" international environmental compaing, please, follow the link.  

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