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Armenia is a country in the South Caucasus region, the terrain of which is mostly mountainous with fast flowing rivers and few forests. Historically Armenian’s economy was largely industry-based, including, chemicals, electronics and machinery production. While mines,  in the country,  produce copper, zinc, gold and lead the vast majority of energy is produced with fuel imported from Russia including gas and nuclear fuel for s nuclear power plant. The main domestic energy source is hydroelectric. Given fact to natural and energy resources availability and country’s economic profile the most acute ecological  problems are related to  mine and energy production and the waste management. 

Raising awareness from early school period on the benefits of sustainable use of energy and natural resources, energy savings and energy efficiency is of high importance to Armenia.

Armenia faces yet another environmental problem - the deforestation -  that  emerged in 90th due to energy deficiency.

JOIN US,  we need to build  healthy economy based on the sustainable use of natural and energy resources.