About SPARE Armenia Project

About SPARE Armenia Project

SPARE program was founded in Armenia in 2001 and, about 343 schools became member of the program  out of which 120  are the active ones. At present SPARE team consists of  306 teachers and 17,500 school students. SPARE Armenia has one brunch and three partner organizations through which it enlarges network in the regions.

SPARE Armenia signed Cooperation Agreement with Ministry of Nature Protection, Ministry of Education and Sciences and, Armenia Renewable Resources and Energy Efficiency Fund.

At the order of the Ministry of Education and Sciences  of Armenia the textbook  on “Use of Natural and Energy Resources” developed within the SPARE program were  included in the curriculum of the secondary public school  since 2010.

SPARE Armenia conducts series of training  for both teachers school students. Most of students after training become the SPARE program proponents.

SPARE Program gradually started  to introduce demo lessens at Metsamor Nuclear Power Plant.  Program students participate in clean up and events organized at the closed territories.  Cultural heritage territories of Armenia also became yet another subject of clean up events and have been incorporated into program's life.

SPARE program promotes low waste technologies with the support of  “Energybrigade”.

SPARE Armenia renovates and insulates school windows in Yerevan and various regions of the country.

SPARE Armenia regularly conducts information sharing meeting and hands-on training on  energy saving and energy efficiency for school students and their parents as well.